At Zouk Hotel quality and sophistication are brought together in the service of intimacy and comfort. A selection and quality control in the services makes you enjoy the most the housing at our facilities.

Hotel for couples

We are a hotel for couples with exclusive services for exclusive customers, which offers services such as a complete cable TV: Every room features a TV with exclusive movie channels, documentaries, exclusive erotic channels, sports, news, curiosities, etc., along with a digital channel with music especially selected for you.

Discreet Hotel

We are a discreet hotel featuring computerized check-in and check-out: at the beginning and the end of your stay, the check-in and check-out process is a simple and quick proceeding thanks to its computerization, shortening the waiting time and being done in the utmost privacy directly from your car.

Romantic Hotel Night

At Zouk we offer to you a romantic hotel night. You will have access to a wide sex toys catalogue to enjoy with your partner. Always with Zouk´s maximum quality and trust. Also, at our hotel you can enjoy a good and pleasant meal, with a complete and fast room service which delivers to your room any request made to our Zouk Restaurant. We feature a great team of restaurateurs that will delight your palate, among other pleasures, with the best meats, fish and seafood. Everything delivered to your own suite for you to make the most out of your stay at Zouk, enjoying our facilities and comforts to the maximum. Bon appétit!

And, of course, one of our main concerns is hygiene. Our cleaning team acts systematically, following strict procedures that guarantee the ultimate quality of the given services. Hygiene and disinfestation products and materials, internationally tested are used in the thorough cleaning of our suites. Zouk´s laundry features a sophisticated equipment in which all of the clothing is washed and dried at high temperatures.


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