Sex toys

The benchmark love hotel in Madrid is, without any doubt, Zouk with a very innovative service: sex toys that you can order from the catalogue available in every suite, and receive it comfortably in your room, in complete privacy, without interacting with our staff.

A love hotel is a comfortable space to relax and enjoy some exclusive services, for a few hours or days, at really affordable prices. At Zouk we offer everything you need to spend a romantic evening in the best company.

Through this link you can access the complete Zouk´s sex toys catalogue, available for every customer. We guarantee a complete privacy when delivering your ordered article, since you won´t need to interact with our staff, this way we guarantee the maximum disctretion.

Inside our sex toys catalogue you will find how to experiment new sensations. We have everything you may need to spend a romantic and unforgettable night and fulfill your long time fantasies. It works quite easily:

  1. Check the catalogue in your room and choose the toys
  2. Order them through the room service
  3. You will discreetly receive them in your room

All of this in the nicest and most comfortable space you could imagine and with the guarantee of complete privacy, since both check-in and out are computerized and can be done from your car, from which you will also access your room since every suite feature a private garage with direct access to the room, making Zouk the ideal place for a romantic night in an intimate hotel perfect for couples.

Contact us if you want to place a reservation or you need more information.


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