Individual Private Garages

At Zouk we take maximum care of our client´s privacy, and thus, we guarantee it every moment, from the time you have to check-in, which is computerized and can be done from your car, to the most strict intimacy in your room, since we are a hotel with private garage suites in Madrid.

Individual private garages are a guarantee for you privacy at every moment. Every Zouk customer has a garage which connects directly to their room. This way, our hotel becomes an intimate space, especially meant for couples in a romantic getaway. Our private garage suites and the room service where the staff does not go into your room while you are in it, guarantee the utmost discretion and privacy while you stay in our rooms.

We are a discreet hotel in Madrid

Zouk is a love hotel benchmark, ideal for executive´s business trips, as well as for couples who want to spend a few hours in an attractive and different space, where they will benefit from private heated pool, solarium, special menus available in your room 24 hours a day, satellite TV with special and exclusive channels, erotic toys catalogue, etc.

We are a Love Motel featuring hourly rated rooms which has become a Love Hotel benchmark in Madrid, thanks to the elegance of its spaces, its spectacular suites and rooms and the professional attention of the staff. We are placed in Alcalá de Henares, come visit or place your order previously on the phone number 918 771 820.


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